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Elephant Room

Elephant Room

Elephant Room is an integrated digital agency and Shopify Plus partner, specialising in eCommerce. Founded in 2014, we are split into three core domains: digital marketing, web development, and creative. We are a young and dynamic team of 20+ specialists that boasts some of Australia’s most exciting brands amongst our portfolio such as Peter’s of Kensington, Modibodi, Bed Threads, Lioness Fashion, Meshki, and more.

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Samuel Marks - Director

Tech for scaling 1→10,000 nodes; and compilers to speedup dev 36× Scale from a single developer and server to 100s of engineering teams and 10,000 nodes. Software and biomedical engineering consulting. Open-source. Cross-platform. Multicloud. Founder’s PhD—submitted in 2020 to University of Sydney Medical School—focussed on facilitating very large scale medical diagnostic screening.

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Joel Turner

J. Anthony Turner Graphic Arts - Art Director

Joel is an accomplished Entrepreneur and Graphic Designer. He has worked with startups in over 21 different accelerators to help get their products ready for consumers or their business looking A-grade and ready for investment.

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Palo IT

Tanguy Fournier Le Ray - Regional Managing Director

PALO IT is a global technology innovation consultancy with a team of 450 people globally. We work with customers to rapidly launch new digital products and run their agile and digital transformation. Our vision is “Tech for Good” and we are a B Corp organisation.

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Hugh Podmore - Partner

UserCentric is an end to end innovation consultancy that blends cutting edge software development with experienced strategy and business improvement practitioners. We help clients in the Corporate sector, Government, and investor-funded startups to take their idea from concept to successful execution. Our successes include helping grow new ventures in Health Insurance, Telemedicine, Logistics + Freight, online marketplaces, and recruitment. Speak to us for a free consultation session to understand how we can help your next venture to prosper. For larger enterprise implementations, we have deep experience in React and Node JS based enterprise apps, business process automation, and building digital experience platforms using headless CMS technology. Founded in 2014, UserCentric has received numerous accolades for its client ventures and projects, including the Australian Government Innovation Awards, the Westpac Innovation Challenge and The Australian Design awards.

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Nick Byrne - Director

We help you navigate technological change and its implications for people, business, society and the world around us. We do this by combining deep expertise in emerging technology, and a passion for enhancing human dignity and the world around us, with proven strategy, design and innovation methods. We support organisations looking to explore or adopt emerging technology, in order to play their part in creating a better a world. TypeHuman offers three core services: 1. Strategy workshops supporting business model and technology strategy development; 2. Design research to surface customer insights, and shape product development; 3. Technical development & engineering services to develop application and/or perform systems integration

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Michael Wong - Co-Founder

Philippe Hong - Co-Founder

Raw.Studio is an award-winning, branding and product (UI / UX) design studio based in Sydney. We are notorious for helping early-staged startups and scale-ups strategise and design products that hit the core needs and wants of their customers. This enables them to raise capital, grow and scale internationally EVEN QUICKER .

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Markus Dilectite

Mark H Verwey - Co-founder

Markus Dilectite (MD) launched as a Digital Design Agency in 1991, pioneering the use of software to design and develop traditional media and advertising materials. From there, we expanded into designing and developing websites, business systems and email marketing. We also consulted on how to leverage the Internet as a marketing and business tool. Over the years our design and digital expertise has helped many global and local technology brands to meet or exceed their business goals. Our mission is to continue as a leader in digital technology, providing digital solutions across most media that fit seamlessly within a wider business environment of Brand, Theme, UX, and Marketing Objectives.

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Product MVP

Colin Goudie - Founder

We are passionate about new ideas and building cost effective products. We will help you through the start-up process of idea validation through to launch. Making you’re prepared and ready to grow with your new product. This doesn’t just mean product development! We also ensure you have the right go to market strategy and channels to generate traction

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