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Sheena Polese

FitMind Coaching - Founder

Being future-fit is up to you. Getting help along the way can accelerate your pace of success and personal growth Sheena Polese is a passionate and highly qualified leadership and development coach committed to bringing out the best in people both personally and professionally. Sheena’s coaching training (Sydney University MSc Coaching Psychology) combined with more than twenty-five years of organisational experience in cultural change, employee engagement, strategic planning, public affairs, sustainability and innovation, makes her well equipped to provide developmental and leadership coaching to executives and leaders. Sheena also has an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management and certifications in Psychometric tools, leadership profiling, 360’s and Team coaching. Sheena integrates her education and extensive experience with her evidence based coaching approach to help you achieve success and effective leadership in your organisation and career. Sheena can support you and your team to develop the proven behaviours that result in leadership effectiveness and deliver results while also supporting you to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities you are faced with. Sheena will work 1:1, across and within the team, and can design and deliver leadership programs for your organisation and her programs have proven successful in transforming leadership capability. Sheena has personally navigated switching industries, changing roles and doing a career pivot. Sheena has coached many people navigate their challenges, improve their performance and support their personal growth. Coaching is one of the key levers for leaders wishing to increase their effectiveness and Sheena uses a range of tools and techniques to facilitate growth while respecting and supporting the navigation of the complexity and volatility leaders work amongst. Sheena is a mother to 3 teenagers, wife, mindfulness practitioner, wife, runner, outdoor enthusiast. Sheena is a non-executive director with Weave Youth and Community Services and on the committee for the Human Rights Watch Australia.

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Think Maven

Frances Frey - Founder

Think Maven is a trans-Tasman company focusing on developmental leadership from the inside-out. Following a decade-long career in corporate leadership roles, Frances is now a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Meta-Coach/P, and Developmental Coach. Think Maven helps CEOs, founders, STLs to discover their unconscious blind spots, limiting beliefs and behaviors. Through coaching and training programs, Frances offers new-found awareness, acceptance, and access to ones leading edge. Offering an integrated approach to leading Self first and foremost Frances helps her clients define and align their true leading potential through their team, culture, company, the industry at large. Applying NLP and developmental models to facilitate the full leadership potential through business and beyond helping clients shift from a ‘managing’ to a ‘leading’ belief + behavior system. – CLARITY Awareness of what you can’t see. Discover what you’re truly about, what you want to create & contribute to the world. – CONNECTION Connection to what you love. Discover & articulate your personal ‘why’ & access deeper levels of passion, purpose & potential. – CONFIDENCE TO ACT Your purpose in action. Confidence to take conscious action,  to make positive changes & to communicate with the world through new habits & healthy practices.

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