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Sara Jinga

Jinga Design - Founder

We put design thinking into action—crafting business and brand signatures that are powerful and fun. We help you connect with your audience and engage your market by designing a better experience across all your platforms.  An experienced design project lead, Sara Jinga works at the intersection of customer experience and brand. Her background is in graphic design and art direction, with studies in visual communications and architecture. Over two decades Sara has applied this unique cross-disciplinary skillset at many scales, from visual identity for cultural institutions to growing local businesses from the ground up. Some of her clients include: Cultural institutions: Australian National Library, Australian War Memorial’s Sidney Nolan exhibition, National Archives of Australia. Profit-for-purpose businesses: OzHarvest Juice for Good initiative, Healthabitat (Housing for Health), Dresden Vision, WEFT (women’s refugee fashion collective). Built environment & member organisations: CRC Low Carbon Living, Green Building Council, Pharmacy Guild, and NRMA

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Elephant Room

Elephant Room

Elephant Room is an integrated digital agency and Shopify Plus partner, specialising in eCommerce. Founded in 2014, we are split into three core domains: digital marketing, web development, and creative. We are a young and dynamic team of 20+ specialists that boasts some of Australia’s most exciting brands amongst our portfolio such as Peter’s of Kensington, Modibodi, Bed Threads, Lioness Fashion, Meshki, and more.

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Ernst Pelser

Proxima Information Technology Solutions - Director

My name is Ernst Pelser. I’ve been working in the Technology and Security industry for over 25 years. I’ve worked on 3 different continents and for global companies both in IT and Security. I’m the owner of a parent designed to reduce plastic bag waste. I’m definitely a problem solver instead of just looking at the problems and very outcome focussed. I build relationships and trust fast and can also communicate at all levels of a business, whether it’s a technical discussion or a business conversation. The startup world is what excites me because there’s a lot of people trying to solve real-world problem and there is an energy in this space that is lacking in larger organisations. I can assist in the Cybersecurity, cloud and CTO-as-a-service space. To learn more about me, check out my podcast, Tech Leaders Talk or my LinkedIn profile. Also, check out our website at www.proxima-its.com Let’s have a chat to see where I can help your business Ernst

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Alex Herlihy

Visual Metrics - Director

With a BA in Politics, International Relations (UNSW) and a Master of Professional Accounting (UNE) I have over 10 years of experience as a Management Consultant. I have delivered Strategic and Digital projects for clients from industries such as Insurance, Government, Utilities, Pharmaceuticals and Education – In Australia, the UK and Argentina. Key initiatives include: ✔ Designing innovation and engagement programs across the physical and digital world for major multinationals. ✔ Data Visualisation, Engagement & Learning Platforms and Workflow Automation. ✔ Participated as an Implementation Consultant in 10 major projects (up to $2M), to include managing the Review of and Installation of Operating Systems of up to 120 staff. ✔ Completion of 100 Mid-Large scale Technology projects as a Service Provider (up to $1.5M): App & Software builds, Dashboards, Microsites, Training tools, Workflow system builds. I have used the combination of this experience and tacit knowledge to establish the company Visual Metrics which specialises in taking difficult concepts and making them easy to understand. Currently, my biggest interest is mapping out the innovation happening within Australian Universities and connecting the research to development funds. To this end, I have assisted running courses at UNSW’s AGSM and Sydney School of Entrepreneurialism and am currently the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Faculty of Engineering, UNSW, with the mandate of helping academics prototype and commercialise their research. Please connect if you have any interest in innovation, collaboration or commercialisation of research

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Samuel Marks - Director

Tech for scaling 1→10,000 nodes; and compilers to speedup dev 36× Scale from a single developer and server to 100s of engineering teams and 10,000 nodes. Software and biomedical engineering consulting. Open-source. Cross-platform. Multicloud. Founder’s PhD—submitted in 2020 to University of Sydney Medical School—focussed on facilitating very large scale medical diagnostic screening.

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Joel Turner

J. Anthony Turner Graphic Arts - Art Director

Joel is an accomplished Entrepreneur and Graphic Designer. He has worked with startups in over 21 different accelerators to help get their products ready for consumers or their business looking A-grade and ready for investment.

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Palo IT

Tanguy Fournier Le Ray - Regional Managing Director

PALO IT is a global technology innovation consultancy with a team of 450 people globally. We work with customers to rapidly launch new digital products and run their agile and digital transformation. Our vision is “Tech for Good” and we are a B Corp organisation.

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Hugh Podmore - Partner

UserCentric is an end to end innovation consultancy that blends cutting edge software development with experienced strategy and business improvement practitioners. We help clients in the Corporate sector, Government, and investor-funded startups to take their idea from concept to successful execution. Our successes include helping grow new ventures in Health Insurance, Telemedicine, Logistics + Freight, online marketplaces, and recruitment. Speak to us for a free consultation session to understand how we can help your next venture to prosper. For larger enterprise implementations, we have deep experience in React and Node JS based enterprise apps, business process automation, and building digital experience platforms using headless CMS technology. Founded in 2014, UserCentric has received numerous accolades for its client ventures and projects, including the Australian Government Innovation Awards, the Westpac Innovation Challenge and The Australian Design awards.

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Chris Saad

Context Corp - Product & Startup Builder

Chris is a product & startup builder, serial entrepreneur & angel investor. Former Head of Product @ Uber Developer Platform, co-founder of the DataPortability Project. Chris is an Aussie living in both San Francisco & Brisbane. He is passionate about supercharging companies around the world by helping them to avoid key mistakes and fast forward to the future. Across a broad range of subjects (product, product marketing, fundraising, recruiting, business strategy, self-serve and enterprise sales, org structure etc), Chris brings 20+ years experience and intuition to bear to reduce time to success from 6 months to 6 weeks, from 6 weeks to 6 days, and from 6 days to 6 hours.

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Mike Feghali

Expiriti - UX Designer, Researcher & Trainer

Mike is an independent UX specialist who’s worked with startups, government and corporates for some of Australia’s best-known digital experiences. Mike’s specialties include user-centred design, usability testing, product strategy and rapid prototyping. He is also a lecturer in the post-graduate UX programme at Torrens University and have trained startups, digital agencies and individuals the important research and design skills needed for optimising UX.

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Anthony Mittelmark

Anthony Mittelmark Private Advisory - Growth and Strategy

Expert in concept clarification, strategy and growth. Responsible for some of the largest online businesses in Australia. Six startups with three significant exits. Currently advising a ticketing startup and several neo-banks. Also provided support for future valuation – e.g. what does your business need to do and say to have a future value of 2X, 5X or 10X. A significantly tested resource – headed ventures at PwC.

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Alex Bradley

GO_Invent - Senior Innovation Consultant

Curious, brave and driven, Alex is passionate about innovation strategy and delivery via a combination of human centred design, agile, stage gate and lean startup methodology. With keen product and service design skills and as a perpetual customer advocate, she collaborates with cross functional subject matter experts to create transformational business opportunities, with a key focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Some of the highlights in her career:Innovation Consulting to corporates and currently a global FMCG growth hub, creating a transformational new line of business Innovation Manager at the RAC Innovation Hub Founded four companies: Griffin, LoCar, Elda and Strata Town Founder Institute Graduate 2015 Mentored startups/ scaleups through the Curtin University Ignition Programme and via the RAC Betterlabs Venture Fund

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Nick Byrne - Director

We help you navigate technological change and its implications for people, business, society and the world around us. We do this by combining deep expertise in emerging technology, and a passion for enhancing human dignity and the world around us, with proven strategy, design and innovation methods. We support organisations looking to explore or adopt emerging technology, in order to play their part in creating a better a world. TypeHuman offers three core services: 1. Strategy workshops supporting business model and technology strategy development; 2. Design research to surface customer insights, and shape product development; 3. Technical development & engineering services to develop application and/or perform systems integration

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Leslie Barry - Managing Director

Exponentially teaches Pretotyping techniques to leading international and national corporates, start-up incubators, innovation investors and corporate accelerator programs. We work with innovators, ideators and product developers, helping people learn to fail safely and fast, by using real customer data to make informed decisions in pursuing ideas. Pretotyping was developed by Google and perfected at Stanford University – it’s a proven method that delivers real and tangible value. We’re passionate innovators and we’re passionate about driving innovation excellence. Led by the leading Pretotyping expert, Leslie Barry, the Exponentially team includes experienced and talented innovators, Pretotypers and trainers. You’re in great company. Some of our clients include Newscorp Australia, AGL, RACQ, RACV, P & G Singapore and more…

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Craig Davies - Director

TriSecOps is the cybersecurity partner enabling growth. We provide assurance and unlock opportunity. Assurance TriSecOps provides a single point of control and accountability, helping you develop and deploy solutions to meet your responsibilities to protect the interests of your clients, staff, shareholders and the wider community. Opportunity Bringing global experience from government and startups, SMEs and multi-nationals in diverse industries, TriSecOps is uniquely placed to understand your challenges and identify and harness opportunities for growth. Growth TriSecOps was built to partner with forward-thinking organisations to embed cybersecurity in their growth strategies. We’re delivering a new approach to cybersecurity that aligns with and unlocks your goals for growth.

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Michael Wong - Co-Founder

Philippe Hong - Co-Founder

Raw.Studio is an award-winning, branding and product (UI / UX) design studio based in Sydney. We are notorious for helping early-staged startups and scale-ups strategise and design products that hit the core needs and wants of their customers. This enables them to raise capital, grow and scale internationally EVEN QUICKER .

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Markus Dilectite

Mark H Verwey - Co-founder

Markus Dilectite (MD) launched as a Digital Design Agency in 1991, pioneering the use of software to design and develop traditional media and advertising materials. From there, we expanded into designing and developing websites, business systems and email marketing. We also consulted on how to leverage the Internet as a marketing and business tool. Over the years our design and digital expertise has helped many global and local technology brands to meet or exceed their business goals. Our mission is to continue as a leader in digital technology, providing digital solutions across most media that fit seamlessly within a wider business environment of Brand, Theme, UX, and Marketing Objectives.

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Product MVP

Colin Goudie - Founder

We are passionate about new ideas and building cost effective products. We will help you through the start-up process of idea validation through to launch. Making you’re prepared and ready to grow with your new product. This doesn’t just mean product development! We also ensure you have the right go to market strategy and channels to generate traction

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Faster Horses

Peter Fairbrother - Co-founder

Veronica Mayne - Co-Founder

Faster Horses informs decisions for businesses, reducing risk. Whether it’s optimising products or advertising messages, helping you identify gaps in the market, or understand your customers better, we tailor solutions to answer your critical business questions.

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Essential Shift

Laetitia Andrac - Founder

A change in position, direction, or focus. To go from one place to another. Essential Shift supports individuals, teams, and organisations on their journey of change. We help them dive within, make the shift they need and emerge with the right mindset and productive actions to bring their innovative project to life with clarity and impact. To do so, we combine the best of well-known business strategy and innovation frameworks with self development and mindfulness, in a unique multidisciplinary and holistic approach.

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Triniti Studio

Gerhard Diedericks

Triniti helps Founders turn their ideas into new Companies. We are Company Builders and provide the Startup Studio range of services for early stage startups. With our team of professional founders and by leveraging our proven Triniti company building methodology we are able to rapidly help founders build new digital ventures. We provide a full-service Startup Studio, with world-class Design & UX, Software Engineering and Product Management capabilities. This approach has produced companies and products with combined company valuations of over AUD100 million in its 2nd year of existence.

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Gaurav Sood - Founder

“Bringing to light ideas that improve human experience” HumanXpr provides strategy consulting in the domains of digital strategy, product management and investment planning. I work with C-suite teams in following areas: * Design Thinking & Lean * Digital Strategy & Transformation * Marketing Strategy * Sales & GTM Strategy * Product & Portfolio Management * Organisational Design * VC Fund-Raising & Investment Planning Through this experience, I’ve been exposed to the following industries: Aviation, Digital Marketing, Healthcare, InsurTech My approach involves: Evaluate: conducting right-fit due diligence on current vs future state to evaluate problem domain and key focus areas Envision: development of advice to drive impactful organisational, product and sales initiatives Elevate: on-going board-level support to drive alignment and scale of impact against targets

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