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Ian Burton

Ian Burton - Director

Ian is a leadership coach focussed on helping emerging leaders make and communicate great decisions to empower, motivate and inspire stakeholders. Ian through his consulting firm, Strataconnect, helps great leaders create strong decision making and communications capabilities.

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Sheena Polese

FitMind Coaching - Founder

Being future-fit is up to you. Getting help along the way can accelerate your pace of success and personal growth Sheena Polese is a passionate and highly qualified leadership and development coach committed to bringing out the best in people both personally and professionally. Sheena’s coaching training (Sydney University MSc Coaching Psychology) combined with more than twenty-five years of organisational experience in cultural change, employee engagement, strategic planning, public affairs, sustainability and innovation, makes her well equipped to provide developmental and leadership coaching to executives and leaders. Sheena also has an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management and certifications in Psychometric tools, leadership profiling, 360’s and Team coaching. Sheena integrates her education and extensive experience with her evidence based coaching approach to help you achieve success and effective leadership in your organisation and career. Sheena can support you and your team to develop the proven behaviours that result in leadership effectiveness and deliver results while also supporting you to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities you are faced with. Sheena will work 1:1, across and within the team, and can design and deliver leadership programs for your organisation and her programs have proven successful in transforming leadership capability. Sheena has personally navigated switching industries, changing roles and doing a career pivot. Sheena has coached many people navigate their challenges, improve their performance and support their personal growth. Coaching is one of the key levers for leaders wishing to increase their effectiveness and Sheena uses a range of tools and techniques to facilitate growth while respecting and supporting the navigation of the complexity and volatility leaders work amongst. Sheena is a mother to 3 teenagers, wife, mindfulness practitioner, wife, runner, outdoor enthusiast. Sheena is a non-executive director with Weave Youth and Community Services and on the committee for the Human Rights Watch Australia.

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Balance At Work

Susan Rochester - Founder & Director

Your team can drive it as if they own it – if you show them how. Since 2006 we have helped founders and managers build the organisations they intended to create, based on why they started in the first place. By understanding your business story, purpose and values, we believe you can build a culture that will deliver your strategic outcomes while keeping you and your team engaged and motivated.

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Ilan Gutman Consulting

Ilan Gutman Consulting - Director

Ilan is an experienced management consultant with a genuine passion for leveraging technology to drive improved business performance. Building on his experience as a Director of a boutique management consultancy and now an independent consultant, Ilan has a unique ability to seamlessly switch between the strategic lens and the technical detail required to get things done. This ability to work from idea to concept to execution has seen Ilan deliver innovative and impactful solutions. He has created business and financial models used by ASX200 companies in industries as diverse as retail, property, and wealth management. Ilan’s models are designed not just to forecast financials, but to simulate with expert sophistication the real-world business dynamics and interdependencies that can create or destroy value. His models have been used by clients to set and evaluate strategy, assess business cases, identify growth opportunities, proactively manage risks, and build alignment across the organisation. A number of Ilan’s larger corporate clients have also engaged him to re-introduce agility and innovation into their business. He has scoped, developed and deployed a number of workflow, process automation and reporting packages, helping his clients save costs and increase efficiency by adopting start-up philosophies and an agile development approach. Ilan is also an accomplished and respected facilitator, and has run multi-day workshops attended by 3,000+ participants. His commitment to technical mastery and his comfort at the strategic level have helped Ilan develop a facilitation style that resonates with C-Suite executives and frontline staff alike. He specialises in interactive and immersive experiences that drive engagement, retention, and alignment.

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Peter Browne

Intangible Communication Pty Ltd - Founder

A Pitch Coach who helps founders and executives communicate to investors, employees, clients and stakeholders with conviction, paSsion and integrity

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Riad Chikhani

GAMURS Group - Founder & CEO

Young founder that enjoys building and developing local startups into rapidly growing international businesses. Founder & CEO of GAMURS Group, a leading e-Sports media network redefining gaming media.

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Ron Schwartz

Brass Tacks - Founder

Ron is a highly experienced change agent, coach and adviser with over 20 years of experience helping leaders, teams and organisations improve their effectiveness and performance. His work has extended from mature multinationals to early stage startups. He has led successful transformation projects with large companies including in retail, financial services, SaaS, gaming, and energy. In his work with startups he has supported a variety of clients in retail, healthcare, insurance services/insuretech, food and beverage, and education. Successful business projects include: Turning around flagging sales for a US fashion retailer (increasing employee engagement, customer advocacy and same store comparative performance) Supporting the shift of a cloud based benefits administrator from start-up to EBITDA positivity More than doubling assets under management of a domestic boutique fund manager to become a global asset management leader Establishing clear and concise aspirations for a brand research startup and supporting growth of 70% Y-o-Y

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Mark Kehoe

Sastrugi Pty Ltd - Principal

Experienced Executive Director (private & ASX), early stage investor and advisor with over 20 years specialising in transformative digital/online/technology businesses. Successful track record of increasing business value through building and leading strategy and success through key periods of disruption, transformation, acquisitions, consolidation and growth, in C-suite and director roles. Hands on knowledge and extensive experience in the Australian, US and international technology & digital environment. Some of Mark’s career highligths are: Founding member of GraysOnline ecommerce group, Head of Digital at Virgin Australia, Investor and/or board member of disruptive innovators (startup through to public) in AU, US & EU, ED of ASX listed early stage AI company

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Peter Griffith

3Things Consulting - Managing Director

Peter is the Founder of 3Things Consulting, a firm specialising in unlocking the winning potential of organisations and individuals, particularly in customer experience, sales and service, and leader-led culture change. His expertise includes working with leaders to develop sales and customer experience strategy, shape culture through exceptional leadership and systems, and develop the capability of teams to win through sales and service excellence.

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Alex Bradley

GO_Invent - Senior Innovation Consultant

Curious, brave and driven, Alex is passionate about innovation strategy and delivery via a combination of human centred design, agile, stage gate and lean startup methodology. With keen product and service design skills and as a perpetual customer advocate, she collaborates with cross functional subject matter experts to create transformational business opportunities, with a key focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Some of the highlights in her career:Innovation Consulting to corporates and currently a global FMCG growth hub, creating a transformational new line of business Innovation Manager at the RAC Innovation Hub Founded four companies: Griffin, LoCar, Elda and Strata Town Founder Institute Graduate 2015 Mentored startups/ scaleups through the Curtin University Ignition Programme and via the RAC Betterlabs Venture Fund

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The Funpreneur

Brett Baker - CEO

The Funpreneur is a unique business coaching service that helps entrepreneurs and business owners implement systems and automation that create the freedom for them to do the work they love.

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325 Consulting

Dominc Moore - Director & Co-Founder

Tim Carroll - Director & Co-Founder

The only recruitment consultancy focused on consulting talent, aligned to strategy, transformation and corporate development roles.

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Think Maven

Frances Frey - Founder

Think Maven is a trans-Tasman company focusing on developmental leadership from the inside-out. Following a decade-long career in corporate leadership roles, Frances is now a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Meta-Coach/P, and Developmental Coach. Think Maven helps CEOs, founders, STLs to discover their unconscious blind spots, limiting beliefs and behaviors. Through coaching and training programs, Frances offers new-found awareness, acceptance, and access to ones leading edge. Offering an integrated approach to leading Self first and foremost Frances helps her clients define and align their true leading potential through their team, culture, company, the industry at large. Applying NLP and developmental models to facilitate the full leadership potential through business and beyond helping clients shift from a ‘managing’ to a ‘leading’ belief + behavior system. – CLARITY Awareness of what you can’t see. Discover what you’re truly about, what you want to create & contribute to the world. – CONNECTION Connection to what you love. Discover & articulate your personal ‘why’ & access deeper levels of passion, purpose & potential. – CONFIDENCE TO ACT Your purpose in action. Confidence to take conscious action,  to make positive changes & to communicate with the world through new habits & healthy practices.

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Essential Shift

Laetitia Andrac - Founder

A change in position, direction, or focus. To go from one place to another. Essential Shift supports individuals, teams, and organisations on their journey of change. We help them dive within, make the shift they need and emerge with the right mindset and productive actions to bring their innovative project to life with clarity and impact. To do so, we combine the best of well-known business strategy and innovation frameworks with self development and mindfulness, in a unique multidisciplinary and holistic approach.

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