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Anthony Mittelmark

Anthony Mittelmark Private Advisory - Growth and Strategy

Expert in concept clarification, strategy and growth. Responsible for some of the largest online businesses in Australia. Six startups with three significant exits. Currently advising a ticketing startup and several neo-banks. Also provided support for future valuation – e.g. what does your business need to do and say to have a future value of 2X, 5X or 10X. A significantly tested resource – headed ventures at PwC.

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Craig Davies - Director

TriSecOps is the cybersecurity partner enabling growth. We provide assurance and unlock opportunity. Assurance TriSecOps provides a single point of control and accountability, helping you develop and deploy solutions to meet your responsibilities to protect the interests of your clients, staff, shareholders and the wider community. Opportunity Bringing global experience from government and startups, SMEs and multi-nationals in diverse industries, TriSecOps is uniquely placed to understand your challenges and identify and harness opportunities for growth. Growth TriSecOps was built to partner with forward-thinking organisations to embed cybersecurity in their growth strategies. We’re delivering a new approach to cybersecurity that aligns with and unlocks your goals for growth.

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