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Alexander Brown

Alexander Brown - Co-Founder and Consultant

Alex is an experienced start-up founder and consultant with substantial experience in bootstrapping and running start-ups while over-seeing high-powered teams. Alex cut his teeth as a commercial analyst in the corporate world for 10 years, focusing on financial modeling, forecasting, and analysing major projects in the development and resource industries. Alex is 5 years into his start-up journey, having bootstrapped and scaled 2ndLease, a two-sided marketplace platform, across Australia while participating in Steve Baxter’s Telstra backed accelerator, raised seed funding, built and managed a team of 8 including oversight of product/tech development, operations, strategy and growth/partnerships. During this time Alex has developed an extensive network in the Australian startup community of VC’s, Startups of all stages and accelerator, and other programs. His focus currently is working with businesses that wish to implement technology solutions into their organisation to scale or reach new customers, or simply enhance the product/service offering.

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Ilan Gutman Consulting

Ilan Gutman Consulting - Director

Ilan is an experienced management consultant with a genuine passion for leveraging technology to drive improved business performance. Building on his experience as a Director of a boutique management consultancy and now an independent consultant, Ilan has a unique ability to seamlessly switch between the strategic lens and the technical detail required to get things done. This ability to work from idea to concept to execution has seen Ilan deliver innovative and impactful solutions. He has created business and financial models used by ASX200 companies in industries as diverse as retail, property, and wealth management. Ilan’s models are designed not just to forecast financials, but to simulate with expert sophistication the real-world business dynamics and interdependencies that can create or destroy value. His models have been used by clients to set and evaluate strategy, assess business cases, identify growth opportunities, proactively manage risks, and build alignment across the organisation. A number of Ilan’s larger corporate clients have also engaged him to re-introduce agility and innovation into their business. He has scoped, developed and deployed a number of workflow, process automation and reporting packages, helping his clients save costs and increase efficiency by adopting start-up philosophies and an agile development approach. Ilan is also an accomplished and respected facilitator, and has run multi-day workshops attended by 3,000+ participants. His commitment to technical mastery and his comfort at the strategic level have helped Ilan develop a facilitation style that resonates with C-Suite executives and frontline staff alike. He specialises in interactive and immersive experiences that drive engagement, retention, and alignment.

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Intelligent Directions

Anthea Stevanovic - Director

Intelligent Directions is a boutique consultancy with a focus on delivering real results for our clients. Specialising in three key areas, being efficiency, strategy and growth. We have very distinct services that can help you to: – Document your organisational structure; – Implement structures into your business that will make it flow and increase efficiency; – Document all your policies and procedures; – Distill your strategy and set both long term and short term goals; – Teach you a system to achieve your goals with the help of your team.

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Essential Shift

Laetitia Andrac - Founder

A change in position, direction, or focus. To go from one place to another. Essential Shift supports individuals, teams, and organisations on their journey of change. We help them dive within, make the shift they need and emerge with the right mindset and productive actions to bring their innovative project to life with clarity and impact. To do so, we combine the best of well-known business strategy and innovation frameworks with self development and mindfulness, in a unique multidisciplinary and holistic approach.

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