Frances Frey

Think Maven - Founder

About Think Maven

Think Maven is a trans-Tasman company focusing on developmental leadership from the inside-out.

Following a decade-long career in corporate leadership roles, Frances is now a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Meta-Coach/P, and Developmental Coach.

Think Maven helps CEOs, founders, STLs to discover their unconscious blind spots, limiting beliefs and behaviors. Through coaching and training programs, Frances offers new-found awareness, acceptance, and access to ones leading edge.

Offering an integrated approach to leading Self first and foremost Frances helps her clients define and align their true leading potential through their team, culture, company, the industry at large.

Applying NLP and developmental models to facilitate the full leadership potential through business and beyond helping clients shift from a ‘managing’ to a ‘leading’ belief + behavior system.


Awareness of what you can’t see. Discover what you’re truly about, what you want to create & contribute to the world.


Connection to what you love. Discover & articulate your personal ‘why’ & access deeper levels of passion, purpose & potential.


Your purpose in action. Confidence to take conscious action,  to make positive changes & to communicate with the world through new habits & healthy practices.

F*ck fake it til you make it, own it while you're making it

About their skills

Developing Leaders from the Inside-Out:

1.1 Developmental Coaching

1.1 Coach Mentoring Programming

Workshops, Keynotes & Training

Personal Brand Development

Employee Personal & Professional Development Programs


Fee structure: Other

AUD400 p/h 1:1 executive coaching // AUD2400 p/q ; From AUD3,000 for half-day workshop

Key skill areas

  • Founder Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Team/Founder Wellness + Resilience


  • Education
  • Entertainment & Media
  • FMCG
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Retail & Consumer
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

Available to work in

  • Australia
  • New Zealand