About Us

Slingshot Practice is part of Slingshot Group of Companies and offers the opportunity to connect directly with our experts, a selected cohort of specialists in the most relevant fields in the innovation space.

Innovation for Impact

At Slingshot we only care about innovation for impact. Innovation that is meaningful, measurable and leaves a cultural mark on the organisation.
We bring an experienced, flexible approach to focus on innovation that delivers on strategy.

Slingshot was founded in 2013 by Trent Bagnall and Craig Lambert, who are both experienced entrepreneurs and tech investors. Their vision was to simultaneously help entrepreneurs build great businesses in Australia and also help corporate Australia develop new and innovative products and services. Over the past seven years, Slingshot has worked with clients such as: QANTAS, NRMA, CALTEX, LION, HCF, NEWS CORP and CUA. Their dynamic business model means that Slingshot is constantly evolving due to changes in technology and consumer behaviour.

Our Founders

Prof. Trent Bagnall


Trent has a strong management, operations and finance background. He took QMASTOR Limited from inception to ASX IPO in 2001. In 2011 QMASTOR was acquired by US Triple Point Technology for $30 million. At QMASTOR Trent developed a world leading enterprise software company.

Trent oversees the management operations of the company as well as international expansion and the Slingshot Investments. Trent manages the relationship with Startup investors including the Slingshot Venture Fund.

Prof. Craig Lambert


Craig is a highly experienced sales and management executive. As National Sales Director of Yahoo Australia, Craig helped build Yahoo Australia to become a $50 million business. Craig has a significant background in sports management, advertising and management consulting.

Craig is responsible for the sales and marketing operations of Slingshot. Craig is also responsible for the Slingshot Program Partners management.